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Hello Friends:  This is my first blog since 2008?  I really should pay more attention to my site, aye?  Ok.


I'm into the studio with Mike Mainieri and Jay Messina producing.  The plan is to do a full CD live to 2-track.  Yikes.  That means no overdubs, and no later mixing.  Jay will mix on the fly.  There are a few things about this approach.  In the first place, we will finish the project quick.  This recording is only possible because of the generous contribution of time and love by a number of people.  The players and the producers.  Also, there's an excitement about recording live.  Get it, or forget it.

I am in the Fort Lauderdale airport, returning to Eleuthera Bahamas.  I just met with Mike and Jay yesterday and went through the arrangements.  I had spent the last month getting the forms of the tunes together according to our conversations during the summer.  

The whole thing started over a breakfast we were having on West 72nd Street NYC in August.  One thing led to another, and here we are.  I will be back with more info soon.  Best, Nicho