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Posted on November 13, 2012 with 2 comments

Hello Friends:  This is my first blog since 2008?  I really should pay more attention to my site, aye?  Ok.


I'm into the studio with Mike Mainieri and Jay Messina producing.  The plan is to do a full CD live to 2-track.  Yikes.  That means no overdubs, and no later mixing.  Jay will mix on the fly.  There are a few things about this approach.  In the first place, we will finish the project quick.  This recording is only possible because of the generous contribution of time and love by a number of people.  The players and the producers.  Also, there's an excitement about recording live.  Get it, or forget it.

I am in the Fort Lauderdale airport, returning to Eleuthera Bahamas.  I just met with Mike and Jay yesterday and went through the arrangements.  I had spent the last month getting the forms of the tunes together according to our conversations during the summer.  

The whole thing started over a breakfast we were having on West 72nd Street NYC in August.  One thing led to another, and here we are.  I will be back with more info soon.  Best, Nicho


September 25, 2013

Listening to Sonar. I'm in Nick Holmes heaven.

The Irish Pirate

November 22, 2012

looking forward to hearing the live album.. great website! All the best from Dubin, Ireland.